Limassol, Cyprus July 21st 2008

The Painting Love painting from Limassol (done by Midia Hadjixenofontos)

The Painting Love painting from Limassol (done by Midia Hadjixenofontos)

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. Love in all of its forms is such a powerful feeling, a fuel for the soul. Painting Love is a wonderful project trying to re-awake these feelings inside everyone. Doing PL in Cyprus has been a great experience for myself and I can say for sure, that it was a great experience to all that have contributed to it with their artistic expression.

When talking about love people tend to link it with dating and relationships, among them myself too. If someone asked me, before doing PL, what would I paint I would say that I’d write ‘’1+1=1’’, because this is what I believe that should identify real love. Now, after experiencing how different kind of people sees love this is no longer my answer. I still believe in this equation, but now I can also think of love’s different forms.

What had the most powerful impact on me is something that a lifeguard painted on the canvas on his way home after completing his ‘’duty’’ on the beach. He painted a banner and wrote ‘’SO OTHERS MAY LIVE’’. I really have nothing more to say. This sentence says it all!

People still know how to Love…

Midia Hadjixenofontos, Limassol, Cyprus

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