Detroit, USA May 7th 2007

Detroit, USA

May 7th 2007

I just stumbeled across it one day on youtube.. and went to the site and everything.. and i thought it was an amazing thing. and a wonderfull idea. we need more ideas.. and people like you guys in this world, no doubt. im doing an indy project in one of my art classes.. and im going to do the whole painting love thing. i hope you guys dont mind. i just loved the whole idea so much and i thought it would be a lot of fun to do it around my house. like in detroit.. and royal oaks and stuff.

we did an indi project for school. i choose to ask others to paint love. so me and some of my freinds went down to royal oak in MI. and people painted.
we got most of their pictures. but some said they didnt want to be photographed.

amazing day. amazing people.
megan june, Royal Oak, Detroit


May 1st 2009

 hey : ) ive actually done six paintings since the first one.

its been great : )


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