Berlin, Germany May 27th 2007

The Painting Love painting from Berlin

The Painting Love painting from Berlin

The Berlin Painting Love painting was sold on the Paint For Life auction ( in Berlin Friday the 5th 2009 for 400 €. The money goes to schools in Sri Lanka and South Africa.

PL is a beautiful project by a beautiful man. Obessed by the quest to discover love for himself through others it`s a reminder to us all that love is only possible if it starts with us. Anyone calling this egoistic has not understood the fundament love needs to be build on to ignite between two human beings. The ambious project does not suceed in explaining LOVE one could object and it´s true. Yet it doenst have to – as in love it is the act that matters. Really, without love, there is no justification for our existence. In that sense PL is a brutally and radically personal art approach to on a very old question.

Julian Schneiders, Berlin

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