Copenhagen, Denmark Sept. 21st 2005

The Painting Love Painting from Copenhagen

The Painting Love Painting from Copenhagen

No matter if you like the project or not, you should still think about the message, that this project is trying to give you.

Something occurred to me during the day I was helping out on this
project in Copenhagen.
Love is mentioned all the time, in songs, movies, books and even ads and probably in other things that haven’t come to mind.
But we rarely express it directly to the people we love.
It’s been proven that lonely people can increase their life in value
and length just by getting a pet they can love and care for.
Although it’s a boring way of saying it, it proves the strength of
love and that our body and what ever life-force you believe we possess – needs love.

I have become envious of people who express their love open and freely. But it inspires me to be more open, to be better at expressing my love to the people around me.

Changing the world is like trying to move the sun with your mind,
but trying anyway will certainly affect it and I hope this project
will be that dent in the door you can’t miss.

– Nicki Nørmark, Copenhagen

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